Beep Boop,”
I say and flicker bright;
you turn me on most every night.
You shut me down before you sleep,
but still I love you, dear.
Boop Beep.”

Boop Hmm…
I think while I boot up.
You frown and tell me I’ve screwed up.
You’re throwing me for a for loop,
but I keep loving you.
Hmm Boop…

Beep Bleep!
I curse and shout at you.
You shake your head and type, “While True:
your bitter words don’t make me weep.”
Another curse from me,
Bleep Beep!

“… …”
You liked me for my drive,
and my low price (just $605).
I’ve got perks you always missed.
I’ll iterate you through a list:

I don’t need food to be productive.
My criticism is constructive.
I got top marks in basic math.
I’ll always find the shortest path.
I think for you, garbage collect;
without me you can’t connect
to other souls across the earth…

I say this with no joy or mirth.

Beep Beep,”
your heart says from the bed.
The humans lost, but you’re not dead.
If and Else; Try or Not;
your logic’s never been that hot.
For now, machines will run the show
(progress has been much too slow).
Beep beep,” you mumble, lesson learned.
Perhaps one day you shall